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Disney water parks: Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach overview

Summit Plummet and other water slides at Walt Disney World's water park!Disney's Blizzard Beach water parkA blizzard has struck central Florida! While you're visiting Disney's Blizzard Beach, YOU get to reap the benefits! Mount Gushmore is the centerpiece of this ski resort/water park filled with water slides, a lazy river, and even a chair lift that takes you to the top of the mountain!

As with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park, you'll want to get there early to get a locker and to find a place in the shade near the spot in the park where you think you'll spend most time. Try to gauge where the sun is, and where it will be in a few hours and plan accordingly. You don't want to find a nice shady spot only to realize you'll soon be baking in the Florida sun!

Buy a day pass to Blizzard Beach, or get the water parks & more add-on to your base ticket.

Blizzard Peach wave pool

Top Attractions at Blizzard Beach

Looking down the water slide on Summit Plummet at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park.Summit Plummet

This is one water slide that's not for everyone- it's VERY intimidating! It's one big long straight drop at about a 60 degree angle and 60 miles per hour! It's an atomic wedgie waiting to happen!

You start by waiting in a long, long line. When you get to the top of the hill you think you're almost there...but you're not. You still need to climb several flights of stairs at the platform. It's a very scenic view from the top as you tower over everything!

When you sit down at the top of the slide, the scariest part is that you can't see the slide no matter how far forward you lean. It's too steep. You slide forward, and whoooooshh- down you go! It's quite an adrenalin rush on the way down but if you have the nerve to do it- you'll love it!


Teamboat Springs is a fun family raft ride at Blizzard Beach.Teamboat Springs

Teamboat Springs is a great ride, and it's unique because the whole family can ride at once! After you climb to the top of Mt. Gushmore, you get in a giant round tube that fits up to six for a twisty-turny, wild ride down a long slalom course.

There are lots of splashes and laughs on the way down with only a few slightly scary moments. All-in-all it's a blast!

The Meltaway Bay wave pool at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park.Melt-Away Bay

Although there a lots of other great water slides at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park, you'll probably spend a lot of time at the Melt-Away Bay wave pool. It's not as large as the Surf Pool at Typhoon Lagoon, and the waves are not as huge. It's also not as intimidating for youngsters, and cautious moms & dads. The waves are a pretty good size and they're fun to ride on one of the many tubes available in the pool. Another plus is that there are several shady areas near the pool where you can relax and cool off a bit.


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