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Epcot: Future World

Future World Pavilions

The geodesic dome is the centerpiece of Future World the symbol of Disney's Epcot theme parkHere's a brief overview of the nine pavilions that make up Epcot's Future World.

A futuristic driving simulator at Spaceship Earth in Future World at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme parkSpaceship Earth

When you enter the Epcot through the main entrances, you'll walk right under Spaceship Earth. It is the large geodesic dome that is the symbol of Disney's Epcot theme park. Spaceship Earth features a ride inside to the top of the dome, and an interactive play area with lots of entertaining activities for kids and grownups too!


The Innoventions Pavilion at Walt DIsney World's Epcot theme parkInnoventions East & Innoventions West

These matching areas are the first two pavilions you'll encounter after you pass Spaceship Earth. These pavilions both feature a glimpse into the future, highlighting emerging technologies like robots in a way that's interesting to kids.


The Universe of Energy Pavilion in Future World at Disney's Epcot theme parkUniverse of Energy

The Universe of Energy Pavilion helps kids learn about energy and natural resources. The tour is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and features a short ride.




Inside Mission: Space at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme parkMission: SPACE

This space simulator features both a regular and a 'light' version. The original (regular) version simulates the extreme G-forces felt during a space launch. The 'light' version is the same attraction without the centrifuge to create the G-forces.



Outside Test Track at Disney's Epcot theme parkTest Track

This attraction will teach you a lot about automotive design and engineering- while you're waiting in line! There are numerous displays sponsored by General Motors that will provide some background that will enhance your ride experience. See the Test Track POV video now!


Kodak ImageWorks at the Imagination Pavilion in Future World at Disney's Epcot theme parkImagination

The Imagination Pavilion is a short diversion from the excitement of some of the other pavilions, but will still keep you entertained for an hour or so. The Honey, I Shrunk the Audience attraction is here, as is the Kodak ImageWorks area. At Kodak ImageWorks, pose for a digital picture and the use image editing tools to add cool (and crazy) special effects.


Soarin' hang gliding simulator at Disney's Epcot theme parkThe Land

The Land Pavilion features the highlight of all highlights at Epcot (and all of Walt Disney World for that matter) Soarin'. This hang gliding simulation will have you truly amazed as you absorb the sights, sounds, and scents of the California scenery. You'll also find Living with the Land and The Circle of Life attractions here- both of which are worthy of a visit.


Turtle Talk with Crush interactive show at The Seas Pavilion in Future World at EpcotThe Seas

Learn about our friends living underwater in The Seas pavilion. The highlight of The Seas is Turtle Talk with Crush, an interactive feature that encourages audience participation. You can talk to the animated turtle, 'Crush', and he responds to you too!



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