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Epcot: Top attractions

Spaceship Earth at Disney's Epcot theme parkTop rides & attractions at Epcot

Although Epcot is known more for its international flair than its thrill rides, there are still several awesome attractions at Disney’s Epcot theme park that will keep you entertained for hours on end! Here’s a look at some of our favorites.


Test Track at Disney's Epcot theme parkTest Track

Test Track replicates road tests performed at the GM proving grounds to give riders a true sense of what goes into the design and testing of new vehicles. The pathway that leads to the test track features numerous displays that provide a great overview of exactly what goes into the design, engineering, and testing of new vehicles. Then, it's off to the track! Ride Test Track NOW!

The cars are simulated racecars seating 4 or 5 riders per car. The cars travel individually around the track. Riders take their vehicles through a gambit of tests including acceleration and braking, sharp turns, bumpy roads, and climate change. The ride culminates with an exhilarating lap around the test track including high-banked turns, at 65 miles per hour!

Although the coolest part of the ride (the lap around the test track) is at the end, and is over very quickly, Test Track is a unique experience and a pretty exciting one too!

Soarin' over the Golden Gate Bridge at Disney's Epcot theme parkSoarin'

Soarin' at Disney's Epcot theme park is one attraction you certainly won't want to miss! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang-glide up in the clouds, then swoop down over the Golden Gate bridge? Fly low over an orange grove then ski down the mountains of California? If the thought of experiencing those things (and more!) intrigues you, then be sure to ride Soarin!

The ride begins by strapping in to one of three banks of seats with your feet dangling below you. You sit in front of a giant movie screen. Then, the lights go down and you're lifted high into the air. When the show begins, you're up in the clouds, soon to swoop down over San Francisco Bay!

The chairs of this hang gliding simulator sway gently as you ride the thermals over various pieces of California scenery. (The ride was moved to Walt Disney World from Disneyland in California.) Adding to the realism is the fact that you'll smell the orange groves and the ocean breeze, and you'll feel the mist as you dip down over the ocean.

Soarin' is truly a unique experience and one you need to experience to truly appreciate! There are even interactive games you can play while waiting in line. Competing against the other groups of riders in various fun activities sure makes the wait in line go faster!

Check out pictures of Soarin' and other Epcot attractions in our Epcot photo galleries!

Mission: SPACE! space simulator at Disney's Epcot theme park.Mission: SPACE

It's 3-2-1-LIFTOFF with Mission: SPACE! Experience the closest thing to space travel possible without leaving terra firma in this awesome, high-tech space simulator. You'll experience a realistic takeoff, an exciting slingshot trip around the moon, and a pretty bumpy landing- feeling the g-forces every step of the way!

You'll travel in groups of four and each 'astronaut' in your ship will be assigned a role (Commander, Navigator, Engineer, or Pilot) and you'll each have specific duties to perform during your flight.

NOTE: The regular version of this ride, with its realistic g-forces is very intense! So much that two people died on it in 2006. Disney has since added a 'light' version of the ride that eliminates the centrifuge creating the g-forces which makes the ride a bit easier to handle. The 'light' version will also be a bit easier on those riders prone to motion sickness.

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