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Magic Kingdom: Closing shows


The opening and closing shows at Magic Kingdom make it definitely worthwhile to come early and stay late!

Cinderella Castle "Wishes" fireworks show at  Magic Kingdom [Click to enlarge]Park closing shows

The closing show at Magic Kingdom is really two shows. The "Wishes" fireworks show held nightly, is the perfect end to your 'magical' day at Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park. You certainly don't want to miss it! The show is preceded by the SpectroMagic light parade down Main Street U.S.A. This is another must-see event!

SpectroMagic light parade

Vendor selling Mickey Mouse balloons on Main Street U.S.A.You'll want to line up early for this one if you hope to get a good seat. The prime spots on the curb of Main Street U.S.A. will begin to fill up nearly an hour before the show which begins shortly after dark. You'll want to be there early for a front row seat- especially if you have little ones!

Be prepared for the multitude of street vendors will be hawking their wares. Our 7-year-old really, REALLY needed to have one of those cool Mickey Mouse helium balloons. Soon, the lights on Main Street will be dimmed and the fabulous light parade begins! Watch the SpectroMagic video now!

Peacock float on Main Street U.S.A. during Magic Kingdom's SpectroMagic light parade

You'll "ooh" and "ahh" as you see your Disney favorites roll by on floats that are lit with literally thousands of lights! There's even jazz band completely lit from head to trumpet that will entertain you as they go by.

Another advantage of getting a good spot for SpectroMagic is that you'll be in a great spot for the grand finale of your day at Magic Kingdom- the 'Wishes' fireworks show!

See the SpectroMagic photo gallery! (Will open a new window.)



Wishes fireworks show

The Wishes fireworks show will provide a perfect end to your delightful day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Although you can see the show from pretty much any place in the park, there's only one location that will make the most of the experience- Main Street U.S.A. See the fireworks show!

Mickey Mouse ears fireworks behind Cinderella Castle during the Wishes fireworks show

Be prepared to line up early, and stand elbow to elbow with other guests. Main Street and the surrounding areas will be packed. There's a good reason- it's worth it! The show is really much more than just fireworks. It is choreographed precisely to the music & dialogue in the show and you'll even notice choreography in the lighting around Cinderella Castle.

You'll see Tinkerbell drop in as she flies down from the top of Cinderella Castle, which provides a perfect backdrop for the fireworks show. Although you'll certainly be exhausted after a long day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, you'll definitely want to stay for this show!

Occasionally, Magic Kingdom will have special limited edition fireworks shows instead of the "Wishes" show. One summer, we saw the "Summer Nightastic" fireworks which were awesome! Watch the "Summer Nightastic" video now!

Wishes fireworks show at Cinderella Castle  Cinderella Castle lit up by Wishes fireworks show

If you don't want to get stuck in the big crowds during the mass exodus after the show, there are several shops along Main Street U.S.A where you can wait it out. We love the Main Street Bakery that you're certain to pass on the way out. You NEED to try their cinnamon rolls and other pastries that are (surprisingly) reasonably priced. They're delicious!!!

Check out the Wishes fireworks photo gallery. (Will open a new window.)

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