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Tips for getting to Disney World

Whether you're flying or driving to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, these vacation tips will help you get there safely- and sanely!

Tips for arriving at your Disney vacation destination safely- flying or driving!Flying to Disney World

  • Pack as much as you possibly can in your carry-on luggage. This will save on luggage fees.
  • Pack ALL your essentials (bathing suits, digital cameras, etc.) in your carry-on. This way if your luggage is lost you'll have the most important things with you.
  • Great carry-on luggage options from Amazon!NEVER pack money, jewelry, or other valuables in your checked backage!
  • Airport security linesGet to the airport two hours before your scheduled departure. Kids tend to move slower, and you don't want to start your Disney vacation stressing out over whether you'll get through security, and to your gate on time. Ask to pre-board if you have little ones.
  • Get small luggage for the kids so they can tote their own bags. You'll have enough to carry without carrying their stuff too!
  • Check ahead at the TSA Website to see what restrictions are in place prior to your flight. You don't want to be forced to throw something away because you're not allowed to carry it on. This applies to the return trip too. We had to throw away a children's souvenir cup because it was the type with liquid between the layers of plastic. We should have put that in our checked baggage!
  • Bring snacks in your backpack. These will come especially in handy if your flight is delayed.
  • Disney travel guides are a great way to stay busy during your trip to Disney!Bring plenty for the kids to do on the flight. Books are great (especially Disney travel guides!), as are iPods. If they're too young for an iPod, bring headphones for the in-flight music. Just make sure your airline uses standard headphone jacks in their armrest radios.
  • If you bring a portable DVD player for in-flight movies, be sure to bring headphones. The neighbors around you may not want to hear your movie!

Driving to Disney World

  • If you have a long drive, be sure to bring lots for the kids to do. You don't want to spend the majority of your drive breaking up fights in the back seat.
  • If you drive to Disney, don't get stuck in major cities during rush hourTry to plan your trip to avoid hitting major cities during morning or evening rush hour.
  • If you're arriving prior to the published check-in time, call ahead to the hotel or condo when you're a few hours away. You may be able to arrange an early check-in.
  • Although caffeine will help keep you alert during a long drive, it's no substitute for taking periodic breaks. Share the driving with your spouse, or even an older teen.
  • Go easy on the liquids in the car on the way. Otherwise you'll be stopping at every rest area!


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